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Switch Actuator – 4/8/12/18 Fold

Switch Actuator 4/8/12/18 Fold 10A – TA/R XX10

MSRP (4/8/12/18 Fold)


10A/channel, un rated voltage 250V AC, 50-60Hz, high-current magnetic relay, max. switching current 10A switching/heating actuator operation mode. Main KNX functions including switching, status response, scene control (5 folds), time switching, preset, logic function, threshold, forced operation etc. Installation: DIN-rail Mounted


  • Manual switch operation
  • Switch and status response
  • Staircase lighting timer function
  • Reaction after bus voltage failure and recovery
  • Scene and preset control
  • Logic operation with AND, OR, XOR, gate function
  • Forced operation and Safety function
  • Threshold and time function
  • Control of electro thermal valve drives


Bus voltage 21-30V DC, Via KNX bus
Bus current<12mA
Bus consumption<360mW
Un rated voltage110-250V AC (50/60Hz)
In rated current10A
Load capacity16A/200uF
Max.switching current40A/250V AC
Machanical endurance>100×10000
Electrical endurance>1×10000
ModelTA/R 0410.2, TA/R 0810.2, TA/R 1210.2, TA/R 1810.2