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TRX4 – 4″ KNX Touch Panel

4″ IPS Touch Panel


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TRX4 is a 4″ touch panel with resolution of 480 * 480 that is designed for intuitive control. Featuring high-grade aluminum frame, body only 9mm thick, integrated multi-function including dimming, switch, scene, curtain, air condition.
Supports text, icon, layout,text support customization, and Built-in temperature and humidity sensor, support laser function and human body sensing, can get weather information through external weather station.

The 4″ IPS touch panel boasts a full functions of 9 control pages including lighting, shutter control, scene control, value sending, RGB, RGBCW, HVAC, floor heating, background music, energy metering, max.16 timing functions, 8 group event, 8 logic functions, weekly timer, icon customization by SD card. Fits in 86x86mm, German 60mm, Swiss/Australian /US standard wall boxes


  • 4 inch colour IPS, 480×480 resolution, capacitive touch screen
  • With switching, dimming, curtains control, scene, value send and switch indicator
  • Room temperature control
  • Air conditioner
  • Audio control
  • RGB, RGBW, RGBCW control and colour temperature setting
  • Ventilation system control and Floor heating control
  • Display air quality detected value
  • Display energy metering value
  • Weekly timer function
  • Scene group function
  • Logic function, support AND, OR, XOR, logic gate forwarding, threshold comparator
  • Home page navigation function
  • Alarm function, Internal temperature sensor
  • Display time, date, temperature and humidity, output day/night signal
  • Proximity sensor, adjustment of screen brightness, colourful strip, vibration feedback when touch
  • Password function, screen-saver function(clock, album or disable) and panel lock function


Bus voltage21-30V DC, via KNX bus
Bus current<4.5mA/24V DC, <4mA/30V DC
Bus consumption<120mW
Voltage24-30V DC
Current<86mA/24V DC, <71mA/30V DC
ConnectionsKNX/Crestnet/Modbus/CBus Bus connection terminal
Auxiliary supply24/48V auxiliary connection terminal
Proximity sensorApproximately 30cm
InstallationWall-mounted installation, install the metal plate onto the 80 or 86 junction box firstly, and then install the device into metal plate.
Size85 x 85 x 9mm
Weight 0.2KG